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The Teen Challenge programs you find linked with this web site are operated under the supervision of one corporation offering services to more than 800 boys, girls, men and women. Our faith-based programs focus on assisting students in their relationship with God, themselves and with their families.

Teen Challenge believes in second chances. Our purpose is to facilitate life transformation for the boys, girls, men and women whose lives have been affected by issues like anger, rebellion, depression, drug use and/or abuse and other life controlling problems. We believe that by providing our students with a fresh perspective, they will have the opportunity to realize their potential and reach their dreams.

We believe in God's ability to change a person's life. We know that given the chance, every person can go on to lead a satisfying and purposeful life.

I trust that you will find the help you need as you research our various programs and services. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Dr. Jerry Nance
President & CEO       

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